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Contour Crafting Corporation receives the highest award in Industry Innovation

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), a preeminent engineering professional society having a global membership exceeding 160,000, embarked on a mission months ago to scrutinize the landscape of construction-scale 3D printing enterprises worldwide. The purpose? To meticulously assess and identify the most groundbreaking contender deserving of the society's most esteemed accolade for industry innovation—the Charles Pankow Industry Innovation Award.

Following an exhaustive evaluation process involving a comprehensive analysis of numerous companies, the committee has pronounced its verdict. Contour Crafting Corporation (CC Corp), the first funded company in the field, has emerged as the epitome of ingenuity and excellence, securing the coveted award. Dr. Berok Khoshnevis, the CEO of CC Corp, graciously accepted the honor on behalf of the company during a grand ceremony held at ASCE's annual conference in Chicago. This recognition underscores CC Corp's exceptional contributions to the realm of construction-scale 3D printing, solidifying its status as a beacon of innovation in the industry.

Dr. Khoshnevis receiving the award on behalf of Contour Crafting Corporation

Dr. Khoshnevis, a distinguished member of the engineering faculty at the University of Southern California, stands as the visionary forerunner of large-scale 3D printing. His brainchild, Contour Crafting, introduced a transformative technology that, in its nascent stages, was championed solely by Dr. Khoshnevis himself. Over the years, his unwavering commitment to advancing this technology not only attracted attention but ignited a spark that inspired a multitude of university researchers and companies to embrace and pursue his groundbreaking vision.

Today, the landscape of construction has been reshaped, giving rise to an entirely new industry—construction 3D printing. The journey from Dr. Khoshnevis' initial concept to the present reality has been marked by exponential growth, as evidenced by the compelling chart below. Crafted by an independent firm based in the Netherlands, the chart vividly illustrates the remarkable trajectory of delayed growth in construction 3D printing, underscoring its evolution from a pioneering idea to a dynamic and burgeoning industry.

This timeline depicts the history of the Construction 3D Printing field - Produced by ELstudio, Amsterdam


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